Beau Gachis Complete Bamboo Brush Set

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Limited supply on this all new complete bamboo brush set. A $64 Value! Each brush is so versatile and lightweight, and covers all of your needs to create the most amazing looks. Included in this set are:

Beau Gâchis Concealer Perfecting Brush - Truly one of the most unique concealer brushes you will ever use! With densely packed synthetic hairs, the innovative angled head of this brush allows perfect placement and blending of product around eyes, brows, lips, and nose.

  • The 40-degree slant mimics fingertip application
  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair
  • Ideal for even the smallest contours of the eyes and nose

Using the brush, simply dab on the product where you want it then use sweeping motions to blend.

Beau Gâchis Large Shader Brush - A large fluff shader brush with densely packed bristles and rounded tip for precise application and product distribution. Ideal for applying powder or cream highlight to the cheekbones and brow bones. Also great for sweeping all over base shade and primer on eyelids.

  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair
  • Multi-purpose use on eyes, cheekbones, or browbones
  • Wide, flat, ultrasoft brush provides sheer coverage

Apply highlight to upper cheekbones or brow bones. Alternatively, apply primer or base color all over eyelids.

Beau Gâchis Illuminator No. 7 - Similar to the original Illuminator brush, this Illuminator No. 7 was an absolute must for this collection. With a slightly longer bamboo handle and imperceptibly smaller brush head, highlighting and contouring have never been easier. Use it for literally ALL your fave glow-getting formulas, from powders and creams to liquids and gels.

  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair
  • Ideal for highlighting the cheeks, brow bones, nose, and cupids bow
  • Can also double for a concealer brush

Apply powder, cream, liquid, or gel highlight anywhere you want to glow. Dab or pat product, then sweep to blend

Beau Gâchis Crease Brush No. 7 - This crease brush is perfect for both applying color directly to your crease as well as softening and blending harsh lines. The long-tipped design enables perfect pickup and placement of product for a flawless look every time.

  • Great for adding color to the crease or blending out harsh lines
  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair
  • Helps create bold, defined eye looks

Use windshield wiper motions to apply color to eye crease or circular motions to blend out harsh lines.

Beau Gâchis Concealer No. 7 - Tightly packed flat brush hairs make it easy to apply and blend concealer even in the most difficult areas. Similar to our original concealer brush, this one is ever so slightly smaller and flatter so you can really carve out those brows or lips with ease. Makes blending concealer right under the lower eyelid a snap!

  • The narrow, tapered tip makes it easy to apply product exactly where you want it
  • Great for applying shimmer/glitter shadows too!
  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair

Apply concealer under eyes, then blend up and away. Dip the tip of this brush with concealer to carve out lips and brows like a pro!

Beau Gâchis Double-Ended Brow Brush No. 7 - The absolute MUST HAVE brush for every beauty arsenal! The angle brow brush on one side allows perfect placement of dip powder or gels to the brows, while the spoolie side makes blending and softening a breeze.

  • Creates hair like strokes with the perfectly angled brush
  • Groom and shape and blend brows with the soft spoolie
  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair and bristles

Dip angled end into product and lightly stroke color where needed. Flip to the spoolie side to shape, blend and soften color by sweeping gently along brow

Beau Gâchis Tapered Blending Brush No. 7 - The tapered blending brush does exactly what it is supposed to do and more! The dome tip works equally well for applying or blending out shadows. Also doubles as a petite highlight brush for adding a little shine right where you want it.  

  • Fluffy enough for powder formulas but compact enough for creams
  • Super soft brush that picks up and blends color effortlessly
  • Lightweight bamboo handle and 100% synthetic hair

Use windshield wiper motions to blend harsh lines or sweep highlight across browbone, tip of nose, or cupids bow.


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