Michelle Money, Professional Hair and Makeup Artist, Actress, Entrepreneur,              Inspirational Leader and Educator

"I get asked all the time to recommend quality, affordable makeup brushes and my go to is Beau Gachis! These brushes are so versatile and are perfect for everyday use, whether you're a beginner or a makeup expert.

My favorites are the flat top kabuki brush and the smudge brush. I use the kabuki brush every day to apply my foundation and it gives me flawless, even coverage. The smudge brush is the perfect blending brush for your eyeshadow -- the perfect size and density to get a beautiful blend every time! Having the right tools will make your makeup application so much easier! Beau Gachis brushes are an essential part of my makeup routine and I highly recommend you give them a try!"  

Nereida Padilla, Official Makeup Artist to the NFL

"I absolutely love Beau Gachis Brushes! As a busy working Artist, I carry an assortment of brushes with me, but I have my favorites that I use often, with Beau Gachis being one of those brands. I use most all of the Beau Gachis brushes as intended, but I'm also a rule breaker! I like to try my brushes on different areas of the face, and love using the Beau Gachis "Illuminator" brush to lightly dust on setting powder under the eyes- it's such a versatile brush! I also work with cream foundations, and I find myself reaching for the "Flat Contour" often. The "Flat Contour" allows me to seamlessly blend the transition of the cream contour into the cream foundation, creating a beautiful, soft contoured look on the outer perimeter of the face. Iv'e carried these brushes for a few years now, and intend on keeping them for years to come. Thank you for creating Beau Gachis- I love carrying them in my kit!" 

Nicole Elle, Makeup Artist, Owner of Nicole Elle Makeup
(pictured with Misty Copeland)

"I've never used a latex free sponge before and I wanted to let you know that they are made of amazing quality and really help to blend the makeup to create a beautiful finish. I also love them because I feel at ease knowing I am using latex free especially with clients who are highly sensitive. I have tried other sponges to test out which ones I like best and I keep coming back to your sponges because of their durability. They have really stood the test of time and I am happy to see that they haven't ripped or fallen apart after being used and washed constantly. So thank you again for introducing me to them, they are incredible!

I absolutely love the short brushes for myself especially when I am traveling and I love using them in my set bag because they are small enough to fit without being exposed to the elements while on set. Thank you for having varying sizes for personal and professional use, I really appreciate it. I am still in love with the concealer brushes they are my favorite because of the quality of the bristles and how smooth they apply the concealer. It really makes a difference when the concealer is applied and set just right so that we're not wasting time constantly touching up throughout the day. I also love all the eyeshadow brushes as well as the eyebrow brush for great precision. I really appreciate everything you do and the support you show to makeup artists and artists everywhere!"

Amber G

"Best brushes, best customer service.... Wow amazing product!

Silky soft and non shedding, made extraordinarily well and since I purchased several and gave them as gifts, I can honestly say extremely consistent on quality! The truth is, you will never want another brush set to come close to your skin!!!

I am in the Skin Care industry, and work with a lot of high end products, I will NEVER suggest another brush set again.

Good job to The founder of the company, it's truly been a pleasure!"

Jenna W

"I am so impressed with the quailty of these brushes. I got these as a gift and I love them, use them every day. I was a MAC makeup brush user until I got these in my hands.

I will never go back, these brushes are such good quality and the bristles always stay intact when I use them to put on my makeup!

I love the nice leather holder as well, so convenient when putting on my makeup. I would definitely recommend these to my friends and family :)"

Kim K

"From the moment these brushes arrived in the mail I've been in love.

The black leather case that holds the brushes is awesome. Then when I actually started using the brushes I was even more pleased.The powder brush gave me great coverage.

I love the make of the entire brushes. No shedding at all... With other brushes I've used they would shed and leave little hairs all over my face... I highly recommend this item.


Aida H

"I never thought a make up brush made of hair vs faux hair would make a different, but it does. I got this set in a beautiful case, very easy to carry around, even in a small purse.

They clean great with shampoo, and they keep their shape.

The eye shadow goes very smooth, and the foundation brush is the perfect size. I will get more for Christmas gifts. Shipping was very fast.

Overall, they are great, and love the results.

Pamela R

"After using these brushes I love the fact that they actually hold the makeup. So many brushes I have purchased in the past just move the powders around leaving very little on brush to apply. The brush holder is very convenient too. Nice and slim. Doesn't take up much space."

Patricia G

"I really liked the presentation of these brushes. The leather case is beautiful. I haven't used all the brushes yet, but the ones I have used are awesome.

The eye shadow brush is so soft I don't even feel the eye shadow going on. The foundation brush is just as soft.

I feel this is really important because as I have aged, I feel like my skin has become a little more delicate. The brushes don't pull on my skin at all.

I am so impressed with the quality of these brushes."

Suzi P

"These brushes are such excellent quality.

Super soft and the application of my makeup felt divine, especially my foundation.

The bristles stay intact, no shedding like I've experienced with other brushes. The case is wonderful for traveling and also to keep on the dresser for easy access and storage.

Whomever receives this as a gift will be impressed and know you care about them."

Cherry H

"Perfect set of brushes

"This brush set is fantastic. It is exactly the brushes I was looking for all in one set with a beautiful leather holder, making storage and travel a breeze. The bushes seem to be great quality, no bristles fall out and they are soft, cut perfectly and work wonderfully. And the price is amazing for such quality. I'm a busy Mom that wanted a few nice brushes in one set without lots of extras I didn't need. I highly recommend this set to anyone, whether starting out or needing to replace older ones!"


"All I can say is, WOW!

If I could leave these brushes 10 stars I would. The handles fit well in your hand. The bristles on the brush itself is soft. The eye shadow powder adheres to the brush well, and 3-4 strokes and your eye shadow is done. I've been wearing makeup...well, longer than I care to admit, and have used many different types and styles of brushes; from the least expensive to the "over the top" expensive. These brushes won't break your bank, and they are worth every penny spent. You won't be disappointed."