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Meet Robin

Hi, I'm Robin Guess, the Owner and Creator of Beau Gâchis makeup brushes and tools. Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me, our story, and how our passion to provide luxury on a budget became our company.

After working in Corporate America for 14 years, I, along with thousands of people, were told we were losing our jobs. This was a (waaaaay too early) "retirement package" that I was not excited about being a part of.

Now that we were down to only my husband's income, everything changed. When I went shopping, I would ask myself, "Do we really need this?" And in most cases if it wasn't for the household or my girls, I didn't buy it.

One day, I decided I was going to splurge and buy makeup brushes. When I went to the store, I was blown away by how expensive everything was.

I thought, "Surely, it hasn't been that long since I bought makeup brushes...has it?" When did the prices skyrocket making it too expensive for working women, stay at home moms or everyday women like me to buy beautifully crafted products without paying an arm and a leg?

This didn't seem fair at all. And we are going to do something to change this!

A COMPANY is born

Such a Beautiful Mess

We created our company to solve a problem to help busy women look amazing and feel beautiful without breaking the bank.

It was also important to us to show our girls how important it is to be resilient, to be persistent and to find ways to solve problems.
Not only are they able to join us on this journey but we work hard everyday to help create a legacy for them.  If we can help women, teach my girls lessons and build an amazing company that becomes my legacy, that is a life well lived.

When thinking about my daughters, we knew there could only be one way to describe them.

The two sisters, our little girls, have always been our "Beautiful Messes”.

Thus, the brand Beau Gâchis was born…Beau Gâchis is French for “Beautiful Mess”.

What I didn't realize is what a big undertaking this was going to be.  


I was so excited to create a high-quality product at an affordable price that working women and Moms could afford. 

So excited in fact, that we traveled all over the world and found the factories that manufacture brushes for some of the leading companies in the beauty industry and convinced them to take a gamble on a lil' ol' house mom from Florida to create the same high quality and luxurious brushes that make us feel like we stepped out of a Vanity Fair magazine photo shoot. 

Beau Gâchis’ professional grade brushes were designed from scratch with every hair bristle and wood handle hand-picked by me personally. All of Beau Gâchis brushes are hand crafted with the most premium quality materials available, which include a combination of high grade synthetic hair, natural wood handles, durable aluminum ferrules.


From Day 1, we built products that are the highest quality but always made them affordable. 

We treat you like our family because without you, we wouldn't be here.

Since starting the business in 2013, we have manufactured over 3+ million brushes, sponges and beauty tools.

We are thrilled to have been found in Ipsy Glam Bags, in the exclusive Ipsy Shopper App, Amazon and online. It has also been an honor to have worked with celebrities and beauty influencers such as Michelle Money, Jodie Sweetin, Christmas Abbott, Hosway Morbak, Mara Victoria, Madison Miller, Brittany Dawn, and many more!

Thank you for being a part of our Beautiful Mess Family and a part of what makes us work hard to be the best we can for you.

With deep love and appreciation,


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