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FREE FREE FREE! Premium Eyelash Curler AND Precision Tweezers with the purchase of our Sculpt, Highlight, and Blending Trio! 

This brush set features three unique brushes designed to sculpt, blend, and highlight the face for a beautiful finish. Each brush can be used with cream, liquid, or powder products so you can contour, highlight, bake and blend with all of your favorite products! All brushes are made from technically advanced synthetic cruelty-free fibers to meet the demands of today’s most advanced products. The tapered wooden handles fit comfortably in the artists hand, making it that much easier to create the perfect masterpiece.

Top 3 product benefits

Cruelty-free – We NEVER test on animals!
The two-tone black and white brush heads bring a chic look to any
The green and gold brings a holiday vibe and makes the perfect stocking stuffer.
Each brush retails individually at $15.95, but the introductory offer for the whole set is just $29 and includes free shipping within the US!

Ombre' Powder Brush

This brush is the answer to so many uses and really is one of the most multi-functional brushes one can have. The super soft fibers are packed just loosely enough for you to effortlessly sweep powders, bronzers, blush, highlight, etc. across the face and body. Blends and buffs complexion products (like bronzer, blush, and highlighter) without visible edges or lines, and sweeps away bake beautifully. Perfect for swirling some blush around your cheekbones, gently sweeping bronzer along your jawline, and even to dust setting powder all over your face.

Ombre' Tapered Highlighter Brush

Designed with a tapered tip to allow you to gently sweep highlight across cheek bones and t-zones with controlled placement. Also, an excellent choice for blending and diffusing harsh lines. The Tapered Highlighter Brush is dome shaped to apply highlight to the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow, brow bones, or wherever you want to shine. Perfect for emphasizing the highest points of your face with your favorite powder, liquid, or cream highlight products.

Ombre' Flat Contour Brush

If you are really serious about creating the perfectly sculpted look, then this is a must have to add to your beauty arsenal. The densely packed fibers on this slightly curved contouring tool will enable you to place product precisely where you need it. The Flat Contour Brush is perfect for contouring the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and perimeter of face, as well as applying baking powder under eyes. This is the perfect brush to chisel and accentuate your facial features, and can be used with liquids, creams, or powders.

Premium Eyelash Curler

Did you know your eyelash curler is your sexiest tool?

Yes, they make your eyelashes look amazing, but they also lift your face. Making it more attractive and cheerful while drawing your eye upwards. Meow!

Architecturally designed to easily grasps the lashes at the root to provide beautifully curled, lifted lashes.
The edge-free design prevents pinching while the expansive curve allows you to curl all of your lashes with one squeeze.
Includes two additional silicone rubber pads that are gentle and safe on your lashes. The ergonomic handle enables stability and control for flawless lashes every time.

Precision Eyebrow Tweezer

Ladies, we have hair on our face. We just like to pretend like we don’t. Whether it’s your eyebrows, chin or your girlstash, these tweezers get the job done and done right!

Perfectly aligned slant tips for high precision tweezing
Plucks even the finest of hairs
Perfect tension for superior control
Plucks at the root without cutting the hair
Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel

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